Talking voice-overs?
A. Smith Harrison means business.

Smith resonates with audiences. Since the turn of the millennium, entertainment and branding creatives have commissioned him to engage, enrich and sell. Click below to sample his voice-over work.

Smith had just the right voice for our recent video project. We needed to get the work done in a short time frame. He was able to take direction over the phone and modify the read to suit my needs ... I would recommend working with Smith and hope I get the chance to do so again soon.
Jackie Dane, ACD, Moxie Interactive

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Voice-Over Demos

Click to play audio demos. Videos are here.

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  • Promo Download
  • Corporate-Narration Download
  • On-Hold/IVR Download
  • Animation Download
  • Radio Download


UPS, Delta Air Lines, Ford, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Intel, Georgia Lottery, The Home Depot, Johnson and Johnson, Adult Swim, BlackBerry

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